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The Evolution & Behaviour Group

A sub-division of the Psychology Department 

Affiliated with...

Centre for Culture & Evolutionary Psychology

Centre for Cognition & Neuroimaging

Evolutionary Psychology MSc

Andrew Clark
Ph.D., McMaster

Nicholas Pound
Ph.D., McMaster

Michael Price

Achim Schützwohl

Isabel Scott
Ph.D., Bristol

Mating systems, sexual conflict, direct and indirect sexual competition, mating strategies, mating effort allocation and mechanisms of mate preference and choice.

Social and psychological influences on male reproductive physiology and sexual behaviour. Perception of personality in faces, facial structure and endocrine status.

Cross-cultural studies of how people cooperate in work teams, in collective actions, and in experimental economic games. Reciprocity, reputation, trust, and cooperative punishment; evolutionary psychology.

Evolutionary Psychology, emotion, sex differences in jealousy.

Evolutionary perspectives, cross-cultural research, individual differences, mate choice, facial perception, personality perception, economic, moral and political psychology.


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